• 1. Appointment: Applicants MUST book an appointment online prior to coming to the Embassy. Clients with no prior appointments will not be serviced. For booking an appointment please click on this link.
  • 2. Visit In-person: The applicant(s) and ALL the witnesses MUST be present at the Embassy on the date and time of the appointment along with the application form and required documents.
  • 3. Application Form: Clients should fill the applications in Dari or Pashto carefully.
    Special attention to names, dates, figures and places are required. The application should clearly mention the subject of the Power of Attorney and the limits of the authorities of the Attorney. Forms can be downloaded here.
  • 4. Required Documents and witnesses: Please read the information below carefully and prepare for your appointment accordingly. The following persons and documents MUST be present in the Embassy during your appointment.
    A. Power of Attorney for Marriage Certificate:
    I) One of the spouses (husband or wife), who lives in Switzerland MUST visit the Embassy with:
    - A request letter outlining the services required and providing information on the date and place of marriage;
    - A copy of Tazkira or valid Passport;
    - Two recent photos (size: 3x4 cm);
    II). Two witnesses (adult& male) with their copies of Tazkira or Afghan Passports and two recent photos (size: 3x4 cm);
     III). Copy of Tazkira and photo of the Attorney/Legal Representative in Afghanistan.
    B. All other Types of Power of Attorney:
    I). All the client/s with copy of their Tazkira or Afghan Passports with two recent photos (size: 3x4 cm);
    II). Two witnesses with their copies of their Tazkira of Afghan passport and two recent photos (size: 3x4 cm);
    III). Attorney/Legal Representative: Copy of Tazkira or Passport and 2 photos of the legal representative, who will be in Afghanistan or other countries as needed.
    IV). In property related cases, if the property is inherited, a copy of the Certificate of Inheritance, and a copy of the proof of property’s ownership (Sale Deed/ Qabala) or its details are needed.
  • 5. Fee: An applicant should pay 150.CHF for ONE Power of Attorney payable by “Money Order” made to Post-Finance account “Section Consulaire de l’Ambassade de la R.I. d’Afghanistanen Suisse 1202 Geneve, CH34 0900 0000 1767 0802 3”.The Embassy does NOT accept cash under any circumstances.
  • Note: If the Power of Attorney is meant for the claims or counter claims at the courts, the Attorney should be a Licensed Lawyer or the Immediate Family (Ascendant/descendant or descendant of the same ascendance line) of the client.
    Please bring along all necessary documents and photographs at the time of your appointment. The Embassy does not have printing and copying facilities for its clients.